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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Valencia CF

Here is one I am quite proud of, I can't saw it's entirely original but I have adapted it to my needs. I was largely inspired by the look of music posters for the way I have displayed this trying to use a human model to display the kit.

The kit itself is a rather simple one with not many design features, just like my previous Dortmund kit. This contains a plain V-neck collar with a bit of orange piping features, which also can be found on both the shorts and socks as orange has been found on many previous modern Valencia kits. One of which is one of my favourite shirts of all time, that being the one to the left.

As you can see I have given the shirt black sleeves also like my favourite Valencia shirt. I pretty much just took this and slapped a couple of different logos on it. I did try it with a Toyota logo too, to give it a 'retro' look, but then opted for a more modern looking Valencia Experience logo only to find out they are now going to be using Unibet as their main sponsor for the new season.

From the criticism I have received for this design, which was all mainly positive, was just that the socks let it down. Again I was attempting to bring back the essence of that 03/05 kit or whenever it is from again, which had the word 'Valencia' coming from the top of the sock and down the calf, so I just tried reversing it and hoping it would work.

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