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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Something old...

Well as I've not created anything recently, not without a lack of try might I add, I thought I should show you some of the stuff I did for FIFA'07. When you think about it their isn't really a whole lot different between the two styles of now and then, just with the FIFA kits I had to make sure everything was in place under the arms and stuff you cant even see in the 2D version.

These are the first ones I found and as you can see I enjoyed making kits for the not so popular teams back then and even teams that were not in the game just the the follow St. Pauli and Dinamo Zagreb kits.

Not much else to saw other than here they are.


  1. hey dude!
    I'm starting to do some mockups using my own trademark...please can u visit my blog?
    thanx man!

  2. Haaa...
    My cousin, Joe Keenan, used to play for Willem II!
    Yeah, I feel so proud! XD