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Friday, 13 March 2009


Well hello there people, long time no see.

Since nobody commented here as to to which teams I should make in the template I opened it up to random people on MSN telling them to choose whatever names they liked best, which proved interesting. As these people knew what I like they chose a couple of eastern European teams for me to make, these being Zorya Luhansk (Ukraine) and Widzew Łódź (Poland) to add to Tottenham, Italy and the already made Feyenoord.

So now for the unveiling, but first my blurb and reasoning behind what I have done with the design. Firstly for this kit I got my inspiration from trees, as weird as that sounds, I saw their branches and though maybe their is something I could do like that on a football strip, something that maybe looks like it wraps around the body which is where the bold lines on the front, back sleeves and shorts come in.

To give the kits a touch of class I made sure gold was used as a colour on each of them lust little sprinklings here and their whether it be for the puma logo and I constantly used it with the collar as a bit of a trademark effect.

The font is a new gothic font and thought it gave a modern touch with a twist of the past also consistantly outline with gold. I also have a watermark of either the clubs crest or something that represents the club on the back of the shirt (look closely), done in a faint mesh of dots, these for example range from the Feyenoord 'F' to the full crest for Widzew.

As an added touch to the eastern kits I added a skewed horizonal pinstripe just as a different look as I haven't seen it employed too much in kit design so thought it would make a change.

Well that's all the BS I am going to spout for now. Please feel free to give me feedback on them, and I will still accept requests for kits in this style from people who post here.


  1. The template is smart because of how it divides on the back into going around the back of the neck and the sleeves. In the case of feyenoord so much black looks "invasive". As a criticism, just let me say the shorts are way over the top. Great kits, keep em coming!

  2. I totally accept your comments and agree that, that much black on the Feyenoord shirt is indeed invasive looking, maybe it would have worked if I substituted the black for red or white?

    In which way do you think the shorts are over the top? For Feyenoord alone or for the design as a whole?

  3. The white line that goes from the side to the "crotch area" is surplus IMO, it just makes it too filled of lines...A Feyernoord kit with a lil black can work, but when it has such a prominent design its better to make the details white or red in each half, otherwise black overcrowds the shirt...