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Friday, 27 March 2009


Hello, today is the turn of Italian manufacturer Legea, a brand which I am not really a fan of, but they do manufacture a number of interesting teams so I thought I would have to make something.

I've tried to keep it looking typically Legea, but I was desperate to make the big brand markings on the sleeve disappear, so that doesn't feature anywhere but the back of the socks now. I took inspiration for the collar from an LA Lakers basketball jersey, I am not a basketball fan just a good thing to get you to sleep :D

I have also gone for a really simplistic look and not added any sponsor logos to these jerseys, to try and show off the design more than being distracted by garish looking sponsor logos, all that is on any of them is league logos where applicable. Something which I neglected from my previous Hummel kits as I thought it would make the sleeve area look far to busy.

I have tried to add personal touches of the club to the design where possible, bottom of the socks, top of the socks, bottom of the back, I think looking back I could have done more to make them individual, maybe some city crests etc.

I have also added a different colour waistband sort of emulating the look of a belt, this is something which I can't think of too many other designs having included other than on of my favourite Nike designs, think World Cup 2002. I think it gives a rather classy touch and breaks up the colour of the shirt from the shorts.

Opinions are welcome very much and requests taking for people who post here as always.

I have made a few more kits in this design already but I'll post them later to get you to return ;)


  1. The latest hummel kits werent really my thing, but these legea kits are good. I like the design and youve done well adapting them to diffrent kind of kits, as always...
    The only bad thing about this template is the shorts dont match at all. While the shirt has curvy lines the shorts are just a plain, straight, diagonal line! Oh I like the font too! :D


  2. Thanks for the comment man! Yeah I think you're right looking at it now, I could have done better making the shorts line a bit curved to follow suit with the shirt, does look a bit like they're shorts for another strip. :\