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Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Well welcome back for another helping of my kit designs. This time it is the turn of the Hummel brand.

So what can I say about these kits? Well, not much to be honest a lot of it was trial and error, the only part of the kit which I had planned in my head before I started was the shoulder panel and the shape of that, it was something I thought had never really been done before so would be quite original the only one close I could think of was the Adidas design a couple of years ago which nations like France, Germany and Greece carried.

The shirt sports the traditional Hummel chevrons on the sleeves and shorts and also wrapping around the socks. Every shirt has its own unique water mark one it with a symbol of the club or city that the team is from. I have done this not only to add something unique to the shirt but also just because I have a weird, sickening admiration for shirts with watermarks and have noticed that they seem to look dated quicker than normal shirts, and I saw this as a challenge that hopefully this won't be the case.

The striped shirts have been given a wavy makeover and then faded out as it proceeds to reach the hummel logo and team logo which I have both placed on the right hand side of the shirt, on thing that I did admire from Puma's most recent range and think it works equally as well here.

I'd also like to say I've changed my shadowing on the shirts as I was inspired by recent kits made by the user Meyer1 at, inside the collar has been changed to the same sort of style. I have also added some shadow onto the front of the shirt, adapted from the Valencia kit I made which is also a feature of his shirts.

Enough of my gabbing now, I'm not even sure most of it makes sense.

Of course as ever if you comment here I'll make any team you request in this Hummel style, or any of my previous styles where possible.

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