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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Borussia Dortmund

Right well I suppose I better had get posting some kits and designs here or what's the point?

Here is one of the first 2D designs I created. It's nothing special to look at but I was just getting started, I created it first of all with a white colour and cuffs but due to a Dortmund fan disliking the idea I changed it to black. It's very simple, a round black collar with "die Schwarzgelben" (the yellow-blacks) wrote on the back of the collar and a star to signify their Bundesliga triumphs. Kappa text wrote on the shirt with a double black stripe behind the BVB logo, which was supposed to be a sort of a take on the 'go faster' design you see on cars.

I didn't make shorts or socks with this as like I said before it was just my first go and I wanted to try some stuff out, I am personally not happy with the shadowing on the kit, I had one comment saying the arm looks like a sweat patch although it is just meant to be the crease. However I do think using a gradient to seperate the layers by using slightly different colours worked well.

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