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Monday, 16 March 2009


Good day to all, hope that you're all in fine fettle and that I may treat you to a kit cuisine today.

OK so I've had too much lazy time watching cooking shows on TV recently but that's changing now, I'm putting my foot down and wiping the slate clean. From now on any lazy time will be transferred into kit time!

Recently I came up with an England kit design and by proxy and Umbro design and was asked by someone over on to make another team in this design to which I am going to duly oblige. Of course with the layout being the way it is with a lot of extra details being pointed out I found it a torrid time and had to do a bit of research to find out what I can add into the foray.

The team I chose was Sweden, having never been there my knowledge of local symbols was pretty obscure but doing the research I found a symbol which has not been used to often in the past with Swedish shirt and that is the 'Tre Kronor' (Three Crowns) which I have used on the back of the shirt and also on a logo which I came up with.

I was looking at the Swedish logo and wanted to come up with something a bit more retro looking but nothing old school and the only way I could think of doing this was to redesign it, strip it to its basics, the basics being the Swedish flag background, I then set about adding on the crowns and circling it with 'Sverige' (Sweden) aswell. I am pretty happy with the results I just hope other people agree with me.

Oh and in the crowns look a little familiar then you'd be right in thinking so, I have used the crown from the Hallmark logo just because it was the most stylized looking crown I could find and didn't think it needed any adjustments for what I was looking for.


  1. If England looked good, in this case with the blue on the sleeves it works even better. The back reminds me of those swedish kit that used to have huge adidas stripes. In this case the shorts match better considering all the blue on the shirt.
    Great kit, KUTGW

  2. I would agree with you their, don't think the England kit would have worked with blue on the sleeves though, actually now I think about it, if I had changed the blue that is already on the shirt to red it could have worked.

    Now you mention it, it does look a little like their WC'94 shirt from the back, I can swear I never thought about that once while making it though, just a big coincidence.

    TBH I completed the kit with yellow sleeves to start off with but then as an after thought I changed it so they were blue so I guess I just got a bit lucky with it turning out so well.