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Monday, 9 March 2009

Rapid Wien

Just time for a quick post, this is made from the same Adidas template as the previous Milan kit.

As with all Austrian league kits their is a whole host of sponsorship logos and I just wanted to add as many as I could to give it that little bit more realism. This is actually a kit specifically design for the club captain Steffen Hofmann, well not the kit design but the sponsors, on all the rest of the players jersey the main sponsor would usually be the 'Wien Energie' logo that you see on the sleeve, with that being replaced by the 'OWV/OMV' logo.

On the back of the collar is the crest of Vienna, which I slightly modified to contain the diagonal green and white stripes that you can see contained within Rapid's logo. An added touch of personalisation to the strip is the writing at the bottom of the back which reads Rapid ist uns're Religion ("Rapid is our religion") the slogan of the fans of Rapid.

I think this design works really well with Rapid especially with the diagonal front stripes, as their recent history has been tainted with stipes going in all different directions, horizontal, vertical and this season a singular diagonal stripe, so I think this is maybe a natural progression along with Adidas' dynamic look.

Please let me know if their are anyother Adidas sponsored teams you think would suit this design and I will work on bringing them to you.

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