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Sunday, 8 March 2009

AC Milan

Hello again kind people, still backdating here so bare with me. "Grizzly?" I hear you cry.

I found this really tough to come up with a good looking design for Adidas even though I thought it would be easiest to come up with some quintessentially Adidas look but alas I found it the hardest yet and still am not happy with it, but I will modify it in the future as soon as I can come up with some better ideas.

This Milan kit is far from what I'd consider traditional for them. First off I have given them diagonal stripes, something which I can't think has ever been done before. Fitting in with this slanted theme I have layed the 3-stripes diagonally over the shoulders which I think gives a rather dynamic look to it. On the back of the collar and neck I have tried to add some personallised touches such as the city of Milan crest with a star and the number 17 located within it, and above that the typical Milan nickname 'Rossoneri' which has become a pretty regular feature on most of the Adidas kits.

The shorts are very boring and something I seriously need to improve design wise. I have kept with the slanted theme though, putting the short number on a diagonal to match with the short mesh. Also the Adidas 3-stripes symbol is located on just the one side of the shorts leading down to the logo itself giving what I hope is quite a modern look.

The socks are quite basic with 'ACM' and Adidas logo accompanied by a semi-hooped look, by that I mean the hoops are divided up by the text and logos where as their could be 4 their are 2. I told you I babble on a lot.

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