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Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Good day to all, hope everyone is doing well since the last dosage of kits I gave you.

Well today is the turn of another Italian manufacturer, Errea, famous for, well not much really, maybe being one of the longest running sponsorships in the English premier league for sponsoring Middlesbrough but other than that I can't think of an awful lot that they are famous for.

For the following kits I was sort of inspired by the crescent shape, I would say the moon but that sounds too sad to say "I was inspired by the moon". Anyway crescent shape, I think it is something which looks really dynamic in the way it has two sharp edges and a smooth curves inbetween them. So as you can see this kit is just loaded with them, from the main shirt, to two on the shoulders, and three inter twined-ones on the shorts. I do realise that the front of the shorts looks a lot like an adidas design from a few years ago but this is purely coincidental.

I have given the kits a very plain ordinary looking v-neck collar as I think Errea do sometimes tend to overcomplicate things with theirs. I have used pinstipes on the socks just because I am a fan of the groovyness of them.

For the font I have used a pretty Americana font, again for not really anyother reason that I thought it looked good and went well with the design.

And that's pretty much all the bollocks I can come up with for now.

For the Parma shirt I am a big fan of their older blue and yellow hooped shirts, it was their identity when they were at their height so I have used that as the home design, if their are any protestations I will make a white and black cross one but I really think this looks classier.


  1. I dont like this template as much, I think it works or not depending on the layout of the shirt, the colors, etc. For example, I think it works well with Leyton Orient, and also with Parma, but I dont think it really goes as well with the others...

  2. Excellent design!!