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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I Want You!

Good evening people, after that thrilling night of football I am pretty much lost for words and that's not the alcohol talking, Madrid taking their biggest European shafting in their from Liverpool, Michael Ballack's controversial handling of the ball, Buffon's lucky escape, Bayern giving out the biggest beating in champions league history and Panathinaikos being dumped out at home by Villarreal. Just so many things to talk about!

As this is a kit blog however, I shall not be discussing any of the above, I will however be giving you the option to tell me what kit you want to see. I completed my new Puma template earlier today and want you to tell me which teams you want to see in the new design.

Rules are as follows, the team must already be being manufactured by Puma, so you can't go around pick Liverpool for example to wear it. Also I have already made Feyenoord in the new design so they're off the list.

That's it, they're all the rules.

A pretty concise list of what teams Puma manufacture can be found on Wikipedia, but do be warned the list looks a little out of date to me as I know a few teams are no longer made by Puma.

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