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Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Another day another dollar, but it's not that bad is it, the sun is shining, even though it's the first time it's done that in over a year and I've only just woken up, perfect. Today I'm having a dead day off see here for cultural reference, so that means for me having a beer, going for a strole, eating disgustingly fatty foods, watching some football and other boring stuff inbetween.

As I am sure you've heard the launch of the new England shirt is imminent, so I thought I'd get in the act in creating something which I'd like seeing England wear. Believe me making something cool looking for England is really hard, their isn't much to work with at all, using the red cross in the design is difficult to make look good as the garish red looks very bad concentrated in one place. White with a dark blue trim look relatively boring also, and don't get me started on using light blue as a substitute for them.

So for my first attempt I used what I define in my head as being typically England and that is white with a red trim, even though this is a more modern association I still prefer it to the previous white/dark blue strips from the 90's.

The whole design basically came up just from drawing a few shapes and working from that, and in this case I started on the back and worked my way from there. First to make it typically Umbro I took what they've been using as a base design and flipped it vertically so their is a sort of arrow pointing up to the collar, yeah I stole their idea, shame on me. I also stole the idea for the layout of the kit too, I have just been really impressed with a few other kit makers recently such as Azmie aka Switch image and also Amadeus Angelillo for kits like this, I like how they show enlarged parts of the kit to show off the detail, I am not a fan of the blurb that goes with it, but it was something that had to be done to explain why that part had been enlarged, also it means the compostion of the image is far better.

I then waited to see what comments I receieved which were all quite positive and constructive, so I took all of them on board, "England kit should have less red", "try with the new logo", "I don't like the position of the Umbro logo on the shorts", "I'd like to see it with the light shade of blue". All of which I obliged and added an extra bit of red trim to the shirt and shorts and this ammalgamation came out.

Personally I am more of a fan of the dark blue version and it turns out that everyone else was too, get that?

Anyway, if you want to see any Umbro team in this template post up a comment with the request and I'll try and get it done, maybe a bit harder since I have to find details to highlight etc. but I'll try my best to get it done.


  1. I like the england kit, it has a slightly minimalistic design but it works great.

  2. Hmm I'mnot sure I'd subscribe to your thoughts of it being simplistic, I was actually worried that it was over busy while producing it, but as long as you like it, then it doesn't matter.

  3. Im talking about the general design, excluding the cut, details etc. Its one line that goes in the front and goes around the back, thats simplistic. But I meant that in a good way: there is not 20 diffrent little red panels all over...