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Monday, 9 March 2009


Hello my fine blog viewing public, hope you're all well. I'm just settling down having a well earned frosty beer, and thought now be a good time to make another update.

So now I introduce you to my Kappa collection. I thought this time I should make a more detailed looking template rather than my first two Kappa kits I made, something more technical looking but like with my Nike and Adidas templates I wanted to make something which fit Kappa as a company.

As I am sure you know, Kappa like to recycle previous templates and modify them slightly to give a whole new effect, no? Well you should do to be reading something like this. Anyway, that's exactly what I have tried to do. The template in question again is from around the 2003/2005 period, a golden time for kits in my opinion, although I can only remember it being used with two teams, Auxerre and Real Betis, maybe it was used on Italy too but I'm unsure of that.

As with all Kappa kits I have tried to make the seems look like they're that inside out sort, you know what I mean right. I have also given the the kits an off center look, something which I am quite fond of looks wise, well for the most part I have. As you can see Botafogo is symetrical and so is Valencia apart from the shorts. When designing South American team kits I tend to make them a bit different from the original template as that also seems to be the norm when it comes to that.

Anyway, I have a whole stockpile of Kappa teams that I made so if you would like to see any, just post a request in the comments section and I'll post it right up for you.


  1. Please let me apologize for not having discovered this blog before. I love these Kappa designs! My favorite has to be borussia dorrmund. Maybe adding the kappa written on the front would help balance out the lements, but it works just fine. THAT SHOULD BE REAL!
    I love how the kappa logo is just big on the back of the shorts. Everything works just fantasticly well.

    Im adding you to the links at Alite-sport, how come I havent seen these on design football?

  2. I personally believe the shirt derives a lot of its charm from not having a manufacturers logo on the front of the shirt making it look a little bit old fashioned in that sense.

    It's really nice how you feel so strongly about them that you think they should be real. :D

    I never really posted my designs on DesignFootball I only ever used to post on the FootballShirtCulture website, but I will be posting more on DesignFootball in the near future.

  3. The template actually manages to look ok without the logo because you tend to use the more "heavy" sleeve to the right, like w the black with dortmund and white in the sampdoria kit.
    One thing I noticed is the panel in the armpits just seem to be a circle, maybe it looked better if it continued better on the back. I made this:
    Its has a kappa logo on the front, which could or could not be necessary, and what I was saying about the transition of that panel towards the back...