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Monday, 1 June 2009

FK Vojvodina, FK Mladá Boleslav

Well I don't know about you, but I really can't say I know a lot about these teams. I have never been to either place either although I do hear Vojvodina is meant to be pretty nice, maybe I'll get to go one day.

You may have seen a pattern develop with the kits in the past few posts, basically places I've been and seen, but now I just decided to totally stray off of my beaten track and try some teams which are seen in their own countries as being forever the perennial under achievers hovering in mid-table nothingness. Although this season has been slightly different for Vojvodina who are looking to take down the Belgrade monopoly of the league and have been working their way towards a second place finish behind Partizan. Currently with a game to go they are two points ahead of Red Star and a win in their next game will secure a third qualifying berth in the new Europa League.

Mladá Boleslav however have lived up to their own label of being a decent team in the Czech league but not a brilliant team. With a sixth place finish, must be said on the Czech head-to-head rule, they have missed out on any European competition whatsoever. With a second place finish in 2006 behind surprise winners Slovan Liberec, it has been hard to replicate such success in recent years. They are not a team of big names and never really have been although you may recognize the name Michal Papadopulos from the Czech national team who made his international debut again England.

For the kits I have kept them pretty traditional but using the same template as the previous Ferencváros kit. Colours have all been kept the same and to a degree so has the styles.

Vojvodina are best known for playing in red and white halves and I was happy to oblige this, also adding in a tertiary accent colour of gold which can be seen as a prominent colour on the clubs logo. I had the choice of the gold or the blue of the star and thought that the blue was a little too full on to use on a wider scale of the shirt. All of the rest of the design pretty much follows the same as the previous kit you have seen in this design. The blue star does however feature on the back of the socks.

For Mladá Boleslav I have tried something a little different but nothing radical. The team usually plays in an all white shirt with a light blue secondary colour in just parts of the shirt but I have changed this so just the sleeves feature the blue. The rest of the design is made up of mesh which still gives a visible look but nothing full on, such as a change of colour would bring. The team are sponsored by that very recognisalbe Czech brand Škoda so just for the sake of making it look as Czech as possible and also I think it has become a recognisable feature of the Mladá Boleslav shirts that I couldn't not add it.

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