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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Knattspyrnufélag Reykjavíkur (KR)

Now to Iceland! A country I have a bit of history with, but that is a pretty long story to say the least.

On my travels to Iceland I had the chance to watch this match live at the KR-völlur, now you must surely be thinking, that's got to be the dullest thing ever, well I can tell you it really wasn't. The fans were far better than I had expected, all of them were on their feet beating drums chanting for their team, I even joined in a few 'Kow-Air' (as it pronounced in Icelandic) chants! The match was good too, it was between KR - HK (Handknattleiksfélag Kópavogs) who have now been relegated to the 1. delid karla. The match ended 3-2 to KR and their was much jubilation around the stadium, which is more one stand at the side of the pitch than anything else. A small report on the match can be found here: an if memory serves me right Takefusa's goal was a spectacular bar down and in so it was well worth my while going. Only regret is not buying a scarf, I have contacted the club but they never get back to me :(

Above is a bit of my 'excellent' photography I took from the match :D

KR is officially the most successful club in Iceland although they've not won a national title since 2003 they have been an ever present threat in the league and because they are the most successful team they wear gold with their traditional black and white. They are more well known for wearing stripes, but I tried this and I just didn't feel it looked good enough for them to hypothetically wear, so I limited it to a singular black stripe down the centre with black sleeves giving the illusion that the stripes were bigger than they actually are. I also opted to make the KR crest a tad larger than usual to boast the teams identity and show the opponent just who they are. The collar is a stylish and semi-modern design which gives the impression that it is cutting through the shirt. The crest of Reykjavík is feature on the back of the collar just above the gold writing in a business like times new roman font.

The shorts and socks are both black and feature white and gold trims with the socks differing with text 'Knattspyrnufélag' down the left sock and 'Reykjavíkur' down the right sock.

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