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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Peñarol & Busan I'Park (아이파크)

A totally non-European affair today. We've got teams hailing from Uruguay and South Korea respectively. I can't think of any connections between the two whatsoever but now the two have come together under my 'Infinite' brand!

Yeah it is tenuous but that's all I have to work with....

Well Peñarol are the Uruguayan team in this instance if you hadn't guessed. Peñarol are one of the biggest teams in Uruguay and also historically one of the most successful teams not only nationally but also internationally, claiming fourty-six league titles and five, yes five, Copa Libertadores titles. As well as this they also have a fierce rivalry with captial city rivals Nacional, a rivalry so fierce than the opposite teams sponsors have majorly suffered business wise from being boycoted as was the case with Pepsi when they were the main sponsors of Nacional, fighting the Cola wars even in football.

For the shirts I have opted for a checked shirt in the teams famous yellow and black colours, not a totally original move as Peñarol have worn a checkered pattern before in their history, way back in 1901 Wikipedia tells me. So I thought it was high time that they made a reappearance. I have used the slightest amount of white on the shirt but have been told by one person that this would cause a reprisal in the Peñarol camp and by another that this amount would be tolerated so I really don't know who to believe. The crest has been 'double-badged' to highlight its location or it would just fade into the background with the checks. On the back of the shirt their is a large black panel for the name and number to be seen visibly too. I had toyed with the idea of using a black crest on the back for the name and number to be placed in but it just look really dated. The Uruguayan flag also is located on the back of the shirt for some national pride.

Busan I'Park (아이파크) which you may have guessed by the Korean text is in fact the Korean team we are discussing today. I really know next to nothing about them other than the team colours and have enjoyed seeing the evolution of their strips ever since their kappa strip from 2004. Their colours are truly unique and I can't think of any other team that uses red and white quarters in the world, if you can let me know!

The most recent Busan kit has done away with all black from the shirt which I personally am not a fan of so I have given it another run out with black sleeves and a black collar. The shirt features the red and white quarters with the Busan I'Park crest centred in nearly the middle of the shirt with two largish stars either side of it, which represent their four K-League victories. Beneath the crest is the typical Busan I'Park text which is featured in both Latin and Korean alphabets.

On the back of the shirt is Korean international and the club's top scorer Jeong Shung-Hoon (정성훈)

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