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Friday, 19 June 2009

Győri ETO FC

Another day, another kit, today is turn of Hungarian Soproni Liga side Győri ETO FC from the city of Győr in the north of Hungary, a pleasant town in the north of Hungary of which I have had the pleasure to travel through.

I can't say I know much more than that about this team without consulting Wikipedia and even that doesn't give me a great deal more information other than they have won three national league titles one being in 1963 which coincided with a good run in the European cup the following season getting all the way to the semi-finals before being dumped out by Eusébio's Benfica side 5-0 on aggregate.

One reason I like Győri is that I consider their logo to be one of the nicest looking in world football, the colour combination of a dark bluey-green and white with gold trim makes it stand out for a start. Then the presentation of the information is quite classic being almost completely round with an inner section displaying a cockeral upon it's perch (not quite sure what that represents) and the presentation of the clubs colours on the opposite side of the crest. Then their is the fantastic Hungarian text around it which just looks like no other language on Earth top off this wonderful logo.

After a little bit of extra research into the history with regards to the teams shirts and kits, this led me to know I had to create something all green with a good splashing of white too. I took my inspiration for this design from Orlando Magic's jersey (I was watching the NBA playoffs at the itme of designing it) and that's where the lines on the sides of the shirt come from. You may also notice the unusual cut of the gold line on the back and shorts, this is corresponding with how the Magic setout their shirt too giving it an intersecting look.

You will also see quite an unusual pattern on the sleeves of the shirt, again I drew inspiration from another shirt for this. I originally set-out to create a shirt with the feel of a 98 kappa design and inparticular the kappa Red Star Belgrade shirt, I played for about half an hour trying to get something similar with different colours but always failing. Eventually I decided to make it into a kind of water mark using different chades of green but still it didn't look right in the centre of the shirt so I tried it on the sleeve et voilà, the pattern was born.

The socks I am also quite proud of this time around, I have given the top trim of the socks a serated edge with a gold trim around the top and a small logo of the crest stiched on the front of the socks a bit like Adidas did a few years ago (Anyone else getting the impression this shirt is a major rip-off? haha).

I needed to use the cockeral on the front of the shirt I thought it made a cool central feature of the shirt and broke up the big area of plain green. An earlier version of the logo also features on the back of the collar. Hopefully the kit looks just as nice as the logo.

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