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Monday, 8 June 2009

Bohemians 1905 (Prague)

Now for another sob story, well ok not so much a sob story but more a semi-sob story. Today's protagonists are Bohemians 1905, a team based in Vršovice, Praha 10 administrative district of Prague, and is another place I am really fond of. Having visited there quite a few times, , but never have I seen a Czech match! One day I will see a game though, hopefully a Bohemians 1905 game!

Bohemians are affectionately nicknamed 'Klokani', or Kangaroos in Czech, after a tour of Australia they were famously given a kangaroo to commerate the trip to take back to Prague zoo and it has stuck ever since and has notoriously become the clubs logo. Bohemians 1905 are not to be confused with Bohemians Praha another Czech team who until this season were above Bohemians 1905 in terms of leagues but now the more famous of the two, 1905, have gained promotion back to the Gambrinus liga.

This is where the semi-sob story comes in... The club who as the name suggest have over 100 years worth of history but in their centenary year of 2005 they were struck with a massive financial crisis due to poor management of the club, this forced to demote the team to the 3rd division of Czech football and briefly became known as AFK Vršovice due to not being able to pay the licence fee too the league, during this time another Prague team, FC Střížkov, bought the license and continued to play under the name Bohemians Praha which could never be retrieved for the true Bohemians who had to settle for Bohemians 1905. Got that all?

Their fans are known for being some of the most loyal in the Czech Republic as when the club faced this economic crisis their fans setup a cooperative trust collection between themselves and managed to raise a very impressive 3,800,000 CZK, 2,800,000€ at the time, and managed to clear the debt.

Today the club have just regained promotion to the Gambrius liga and look set to duel with Bohemians Praha, which will surely be two of the biggest games of the season for them, possibly overtaking the rivalry which once stirred between them and fellow fallen giants Dukla Praha.

For this kit I took a bit of inspiration from Canterbury's kits for both football and rugby, having their seems seemingly dotted all over the place in near random positioning but still managing to look very nice and very impressive. I was also looking to create something quite dynamic looking, my first try I created something too ugly for words so I went back to the drawing board and simplified it down to what you see now. The white and green patches down the side of the kit are intended to give a kind streamlined effect. I toyed with making these patches continue in an arcing shape down the back of the shirt but didn't turn out well so I opted more for a semi-chevron look. Lots of semis going on isn't there.

For with the shirt sponsor I again didn't want to pollute the shirt with a bawdy looking corporate logo so I dedicated this space to the incredible Bohemians fans and added a simple bit of text, Klokani, with the kangaroo logo incorporated into the 'O' of the writing.

The shorts follow this style, almost. here I actually did think to follow down looked better but perhaps you disagree that this just looks wrong because it doesn't follow the same style as the shirt, but I am quite happy with it.

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