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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Hamburger SV und FK Baku

Again not really updated this in a while so apologies for that, just been busy/lazy, well, it makes sense in my head! I am pleased to say I have come up with a few more designs though so I've not been all that lazy after all.

Today I bring you the kits of Hamburg SV (HSV) and FK Baku (FK Baku), funny no?

These are both in the same style as my previous Győri kit so they both have the wacky sleeve design, and big central graphics and all the other pizazz that you saw in it.

HSV are a club that doesn't require an introduction, one of the biggest teams in Germany and one of the only teams to never have been relegated from the Bundesliga. They haven't had the same success in recent times as they did have in the early 80's but they have been a big hitter usually finishing their seasons among the top 5.

As I mentioned in my St. Pauli article Hamburg is one of the nicest cities I have ever been to and a few years ago I got to see HSV play at what was the AOL Arena (now HSH Nordbank Arena, just doesn't have the same ring to it) against Schalke who won 0-1 and then went on to win the league, I do have fond memories of it and it was around the time that Juan Pablo Sorín had joined the club as I still have the programme with his big face on it so from a time I considered them to have their strongest squad in a long time, note the word squad and not team.

What I have done here for the shirt is try and take it back to having a predominantly blue trim since they've had a red trim last season and a blue trim before that so I thought it time to hope back to blue but I have kept a good deal of red in it with the logos and numbers, the graphic on the front is the castle from the Hamburg coat of arms and the rest of the shirt is pretty self explanatory.

Both the shorts and socks are traditional HSV with the Rothosen and blue socks with their typical black and white stripes around the top, never been sure why that is the tradition though, but it is there.

FK Baku are a team I must admit again I don't know much about other than they're the current champions of the Azerbaijani league so will be playing Champions League football next season and are located in the capital Baku. From looking through some older pictures I noted they have played in hoops before so I thought that could be something to revert to as the stripes looked a little dull and this gives the shirt some character although it has ended up looking like a bit of a Reading kit. On the back of the kit their is an insignia from an older crest of the team showing an oil derrick which I believe is one of the main industries in Baku and Azerbaijan. The graphic on the chest comes from the teams current logo and gives it a unique look if nothing else, yeah, ok, it does look a bit odd (shit).

The socks for this turned out well I think I used the serrated style which can be seen around the rim for the hoops and I think it gives a nice feel to it.

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