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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Maribor + Litex Lovech

Two different teams today, using the same template as the previous Bohemians 1905, so I won't be jabbering on too much about that.

Why have I picked these two teams? Well I actually have a list of all the teams I want to create something for then I just randomly pick a number between 1 and 20 then create those teams, that's what I usually do anyway, and I did this time to a degree. I picked Maribor a bit more manually because I thought the purple and yellow colours would perfectly compliment the template. Litex was picked the random way from my list.

Maribor are the most well supported team in Slovenia, unfortunately for me I have only passed through their on my way to Ljubljana but I was tempted to jump off and see if I could find a shirt. Maribor are also the most succesful club in Slovenian football and have won the league championship this season too mean that they will have Champions League football next season. The are also the only Slovenian team to have qualified for the Champions League group stage back in the year 2000 sharing the group with Lazio, Bayer Leverkusen and Dynamo Kiev.

I've always been a fan of Maribor kits ever since I first saw them in pictures about 8 years ago. Then when they got a Nike T90 kit I knew I just had to have one, but as you'd guess Slovenian kits are quite rare in the U.K. and I'm still waiting to get my hands on one now. So I just did the next best thing at the time and created them in FIFA. It's a kit I'm still pretty pleased with until this day as I had to create all but one or two of the sponsor logos and it is a large amount of sponsors.

For my version, which I actually created before Bohemians, I greatly cut down on the sponsor logos as I wasn't going for accuracy like I was for my FIFA version, so I have just left their main sponsor, 'Zavarovalnica Maribor'. The logo has also been modified from the crest you see in the centre of the presentation to just the city crest which you see on the shirt. As I'm not a great fan of the name above the logo, always thought it looks a bit poor like nothing else representative can be found to place in that location of the logo.

Litex Lovech I don't really know to much about at all, I just know that they used to have a pretty nice kit by Adidas a few years ago which they played against Middlesbrough with back in 2006, it was orange with a diagonal black gradient which is what I have attempted here, not quite sure if it works though. I saw their game against Aston Villa where they wore another Adidas shirt with a singular white shoulder which I thought was alright, but it wasn't a touch on the 2006 kit. The player on the back is former Charlton Athletic defender Radostin Kishishev, 'Радостин Кишишев'.

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