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Saturday, 30 May 2009


Greetings yet again,

After yesterday's story about Timişoara's injustice, I'm starting to feel a bit Shakespearian as I am about to tell you yet another story of woe. This one including Ferencváros, or Fradi as is their nickname, from the Hungarian capital Budapest.

Long have they been known as Hungary's most successful football team, claiming 28 league titles, 20 cup titles and numerous other domestic awards as well as being the only team in the country to hold a European title thanks to their 1965 victory in the UEFA Inter-City Fairs Cup, the precursor to the UEFA Cup.

However due to financial troubles in the 2006 the club, for the first time in its history, was demoted from the first division. This was challenged by the club over the legality of this move by the Hungarian FA and the team won, and an out-of-court settlement was reached. Now three years on Fradi has finally managed promotion back to the top Hungarian league, Soproni Liga and hoping to contest for the title yet again with the help and financial backing of Sheffield United owner Kevin McCabe, constructing a brand new stadium, aswell as farming out young prospects to the team. The future is certainly looking a lot brighter for Ferencváros now.

Now down to the kit. I wanted to create something commemorative of Fradi's return to top flight football, so I created a motif logo instead of a sponsor, reading "FRADI VISSZA TÉRTÜNK!" which translates as "Ferencváros We Are Back!". I also added a green eagle landing to represent the touching down of the team back into the division, the green eagle is a very well known symbol of the team and used by many fan groups.

Fradi are quite well known for traditionally sporting green and white stripes but I wanted to break with the tradition a little to reflect this new start, so I added a large vertical white stripe down the centre of the kit with smaller stripes either side of it, I also made these lines curved as it looked more aesthetically pleasing to me. From reading earlier posts you may know I am quite fond of North American sports and this has influenced me slightly here. The collar and green horizontal stripe beneath are partly inspired from ice hockey uniforms, the socks are also inspired from that. The back of the shirt is divided between the name and number an idea again inspired from Nike's T90 range and a Fradi shirt I own! Although I have incorporated it slightly differently to their interpretation.

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