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Friday, 29 May 2009

FC (Politechnica) Timişoara, FK Makedonija

Evening all,

I thought I'd lump these two teams in together as they do share some qualities in a design manner, I've pretty much given them the same as my previous Terek kit. Of course their are slight differences but we'll get to those.

I'll start with a quick message about FC Timişoara, a team from a city of the same name in the west of Romania, a beautiful place which I have had the pleasure of visiting. The football team is probably the most well supported in Romania outside of Bucharest of course. Until recently they were known as FC Politechnica Timişoara and prided themselves for playing in all purple, but due to a court ruling they had to drop the Politechnica part of their name, change the club colours from purple and also the team logo had to be changed. This was because all this was owned by a businessman who owned another team in the Romanian fourth division situated just outside of Bucharest. This ruling caused outrage in Timişoara that they had been robbed of their identity and promptly arranged for thousands of fans to march upon the city centre.

So as you can tell I had a bit of motivation to make something and give back a very small part of their identity if you want to learn more you can check out this webpage

FK Makedonija Gjorče Petrov to give them their full name are the current champions of Macedonia, and that's pretty much where my knowledge ends of them unfortunately. Little research however tells me that they're based in the captial Skopje, a place I've not been but would like to eventually. It is also the first time in the club's history that they have won the national title. The first part of the name obviously comes from the native latinized term for Macedonia, the Gjorče Petrov part of the name however comes from an important revolutionary figure in the formation of the Republic of Macedonia.

For Timişoara I obviously was going to restore the famous purple and bring back their previous logo, one of the prettiest looking in football in my opinon. The shirt uses the same collar as Terek but I have switched the focus on the colours so the previously 'missing' part can be seen. The other spike from the logo over the shoulder to the back remains however to give a visible design feature. I have added semi-visible stripes to the front also with the knight insignia of the logo worked in too, to give it a very personal Timişoara touch. The shorts are again pretty plain as are the socks just adding some tradional colours to the mix aswell as a dark double striped highlight on the shorts. Oh and the back of the collar, above the player name contains the city emblem and a logo reading 'Timişoara 1921'.

FK Makedonija uses a very obvious design feature, as the team is named after the country and has a revolutionary leader in its name I thought it only fitting to work the national flag into the shirt which isn't a stray from tradion, the team actually use red and yellow stripes normally. The infinite logo has been worked into the flag design to follow the stripe of the sun. I have made adequate room on the back for name and number, with a lion carefully selected from the teams previous logo above.Half of the front designs has been removed as to not conflict with the lines of the sun and I think the other still remaining half really suits the design.

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