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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Stafford Rangers

Well it has been a long time since I posted here, quite sorry for that, but I just went through one of my phases where I just have no desire to make anything, but that changed a little bit with the challenge of making a Stafford Rangers kit for the competition on

I left my entry rather late not to try and be stylishly late (ha!) still just because I had no design until I saw some certain designs on DesignFootball that just made me think something great can be done here and I want to see if I can do something just as good as the rest of the great entries there.

I had been working on a new template as I thought the one I am currently using is a bit boring but I just couldn't get a new one looking the way I wanted so I eventually reverted back to the style which you have often seen on here.

For this I didn't want to make an over elaborate design with lines going every etc. as I just don't think that would suit the Blue Square North league. A league I am quite familiar with actually, my local side Fleetwood Town F.C. plays in it and finished 8th this season (higher than Stafford ;) ). So I just concentrated on using the colours of the shirt to hopefully come out with something different.

The shirt obviously needed to contain black and white stripes which is easy enough to add in but then I needed to make those stripes individual enough to be recognized anywhere which was a tough job as stripes are stripes aren't they? For this I gave the stripes a bit of perspective meaning that they are wider at the bottom and gradually increase in width the further towards the shoulders. Great, but that has been done before with teams like Paraguay and to a lesser extent Dinamo Kiev and Liverpool. This needed to stand out though. I got my thinking cap on (a few strong caffine injections) and eventually came up with the singular half red stripe on the left shoulder with a diagonal cut hopefully giving a bit more of a dynamic look. As a little extra something I decided to give the stripes a bit of a pattern to them, nothing significant just a chequered pattern which is actually intended to contain the mesh strips, but these can hardly be seen.

The shorts are intended on looking quite inconspicuos with a white trim towards the bottom a little bit extra towards the rear. The socks again are intended to be quite inconspicuos also with a white trim and red accents around the rim and also highlighting the 'Rangers' text on the back of the socks.

For the away kit I had much more artistic license but I wanted to keep it simple as possible as I do sometimes tend to over design things. All I did was basically turn the home shirt completely red stripes included but hopefully looking a lot subtler. The red was chosen as it is an intimidating colour and also the sign of quality if you look at what colours the champions of England have worn on all but 3 occasions in the Premier League (Blackburn, Chelsea x2). Naturally I gave it black and white touches where possible, cuffs, shorts etc. I also mainted a simple round collar which as you look back over history has been a regular feature on many classic shirts.

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