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Friday, 22 May 2009

Dynamo Kiev («Динамо» Київ)

As previously post I wanted to make something for Dynamo Kiev but was a bit fed up with the Adidas look so tried doing something of my own with my own Infinite brand.

Now as you may have noticed I am not the biggest fan of the classical look in kits but I want to see if I could change this in myself and create something relatively 'classic' looking. First place of course to give that look is the collar and I just thought that your typical fold collar was a bit too cliché and has been done many times before, now I know my take isn't totally original but it is quite rarely done.

Second place I thought to invest my time in was the sleeves and to give the cuffs, like the collar a relatively big cut, well I think it is quite bit, I do tend to prefer cuffs to be really small, even non-existent.

One more theme running through the kit is the Ukrainian flag, as you'll see I have used quite a lot more yellow than is traditionally seen in Dynamo's past kits. The cuffs are blue-yellow (zhovto-blakytni), the collar has blue-yellow, the sash has a small element of blue-yellow all tending on replicating the national flag and instilling some pride in the nation and to highlight the teams history as being the nations most succesful and most well known team.

I've brought back the sash as I am not a huge fan of the current pinstripe look, although the template I do really like. Throughout the teams history I think one thing they are recognized for the world over is their blue diagonal stripe even though most years they have played without it.

Another nationalistic symbol on the back of the collar is the country's coat of arms althought in an inverted colour scheme to reflect well on the kit.

A little thing you may see in the background of the image is some text, this is a theme I am going to run with for the presentation for all my kits with my new branding. It is just text of the clubs history in the national language as I think it is a nice little touch.

The player on the back of the shirt is Artem Milevskiy/Артем Мілевський

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