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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Wigan Athletic and Girondins de Bordeaux

Today we have the same designs as last time, boring I know but just thought you should see these too, nothing overly special.

Wigan as a town is really close to me, geographically that it, actually I'm pretty lucky to live in a place where 8 teams of the best league in the world are all located within about an hours drive from me. If Preston and Blackpool can win promotion next season I'll be properly set for my footballing needs, Blackpool especially only being down the road, but that is a huge ask for them.

Wigan's is a pretty well known story, rapid rise up through the football league, they played in the same league as my town, which isn't that impressive any more as they (Fleetwood) have had a very rapid promotions of their own. At one point though it was the 9th level in English football. They are also from a very staunch rugby town which means they have had to fight for their share of fans as well as from the high population of other top flight football teams. Now they're quickly becoming an established team themselves with a garnish of foreign talent as well as northern grit with players such as Antonio Valencia and Jimmy Bullard making their names there.

For their kit, well I won't lie to you it is pretty much just Porto, only without the stripes on the sleeves. One crucial thing I have changed though is I have got rid of their nasty gold which they seem to have adopted and taken them back to the days when they had a green trim which was far more unique I thought and also fits in well with the tree in their new logo.

For the away kit I made it a bright orange as i have been told they're due to be getting an orange kit for the 2009/10 season, but don't tell anyone I said so. I think this colour scheme shows off the straight-ish lines and sharp edges I was going for pretty well too.

Now on to Bordeaux, champions of France and what seemed to be the perennial runners-up in French football for many seasons. They are of course famous for producing Zinedine Zidane, wine, neolithic fossils and of course their shirts emblazioned with a V for reasons I don't actually now. I actually am a fan of Puma's new kit with the white shoulders, I know Bordeaux traditionalists will probably be unhappy with it, but somethings it's good to try new things and build new traditions.

But that's not what I have done here. The design was actually made around Bordeaux so it would fit them well, with a V fold collar and also a lesser noticable V with the white side panels descending into a lesser V.

For the away I took a little inspiration from Puma's kit and left the shoulders Bordeaux blue, and made the main body of the kit burgundy red like past away kits and representing the famous wine the region produces.

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