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Saturday, 18 July 2009


Today is the turn of my favourite Brazilian team, the reason they are my favourite team is very loose, it's basically a case of not having a favourite Brazilian team meeting someone who did and adopting them as my own. I must say though I am the worst fan in the world as I always forget to see how they are doing etc. I've been a Coritiba 'fan' for a fair few years now, roughly 5 and as it is their centenary year in 86 days time I decided to try something to commemorate it.

I hope that they're acceptable to all Coritiba fans. I have put as many little details into it as possible, I think you can go two ways with a centenary kit, one to reflect the teams early history by making it as simple and reflective as possible and the other which I have chosen is to keep it with a modern look but throw lots of historical details and other things to make it special to the team.

For the home I have kept the double horizontal chest band but if you look carefully it has the names of the original Coritiba XI printed on it in a faint green colour not trying to be too intrusive. The Coritiba logo is also bigger than I usually like but it is showing the importance of the team so it has to be the centre point of the shirt. On the white mesh detail on the shirt I have repeated the word 'COXA' all around the it, which is the teams nickname. Over the heart of the shirt is the '100 anos' logo from which is the official logo to celebrate their anniversary. There are also several more details but going into them all would just be boring, as a rundown, odd socks, Paraná state flag... OK so their wasn't that many more.

For the away I wanted to try something different with my very versatile design. So I went with a green away shirt with a sort of sun effect around the Coritiba logo in a darker shade of green. It also has a unique gold side panel on the side and back of the shirt which is the first time I have featured this in the design.

Also got to feature this wonderful piece of work by 'menoia' all his works are spectacular as you will see if you check out the rest of his works but I just think this looks awesome and was completed at the same time as my version.

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  1. again, very original the home...that template looks good with almost every team... good work