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Wednesday, 22 July 2009


If you want me to make a shirt just post a comment and I'll get it done ASAP, I'm running out of teams I actually want to make stuff for so it will help me out to get ideas from other people.

It can be in a previous design if you wish, other wise i will try and do something totally original. If I get bombarded with requests (which I doubt I will) I'll say when requests stop.

Thanks people and get REQUESTING!


  1. isn´t for nothing special bur like you want, do kits for saint etienne ;)

  2. Add me
    I add you

  3. Hey, how about Universitario de Deportes? Cream is a pretty fetching colour, and nobody else wears it.

    How about Universidad Catolica? You seemed pretty pissed when I posted one up in my DF gallery, Im going to redo it with a Non FM template. Interested with what you come up with.