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Monday, 6 July 2009

A Portuguese Twist

Well OK not exactly, but both countries these clubs represent speak Portuguese so the title does work on that level. Yes of course I am talking about Brazil and Portugal or more specifically FC Porto and São Paulo FC.

FC Porto 2 time Champions League winners, 24 Portuguese league and 18 cup titles to their name, are one of the most successful teams in European football and I'm now proud to announce they have signed with the Infinite brand, yeah, I wish, but I am building quite a number of teams I have produced kits for under the brand now and still there will be more to come, but back to FC Porto. They don't need too much of an introduction with their international credentials and international force of players, present and past.

For their kit I produced something in the traditional blue and white stripes of the team and the more modern touch of an orange trim brought in by Nike as a tertiary colour. The design is a new one which just came to me, I've had thoughts about something which pretty much just uses straight lines and a big chunk of mesh behind the logo, so this is what happened. Even though the shoulders and plain blue the sleeves still have a hint of Porto's stripes. All the rest is pretty self explanatory, stylized Porto dragon at the bottom of the back of the shirt, Quinas in the centre of the chest, all sponsor and league logos included.

I've also started making away shirts again, so here is Porto's. I've gone for a striking orange away with the hint of stripes a bit like what they had with their Nike T90 away shirt, their is also a blue and white trim featureing all the logos that are on the home.

Now we have São Paulo FC, one of the most succesful Brazilian clubs nationally and internationally, a team with great tradition in their football kits, always (as far as I know) featuring the tricolor of red-white-black band across their chests. so this is what I have applied here. a large São Paulo logo has been placed on the tricolor area with the 5 stars, three red for their Copa Libertadores sucesses and the other two for the Olympic success of an athlete who also represented São Paulo. On the sleeves is a feature of the tricolor again, red stripes on the left sleeve black on the right, both with white as the seperator. On the sleeve is the 'O PRIMEIRO E ÚNICO TRI-HEXACAMPEÃO BRASILEIRO' symbol, which, I believe is a statement that they are the only Brazilian team to win three Copa Libertadores titles.

The away kit also features São Paulo's tricolor only with more on an emphasis on the red and black on the kit in striped form another kit which is steeped in history and tradition with São Paulo.


  1. a fc porto kit! lol

    again very good design on both kits, but the away needed someting new...

    the kits of sao paulo are great too

  2. cool são paulo kit!
    just one explanation about the 'O primeiro e único TRI-HEXACAMPEÃO Brasileiro' symbol:
    That symbol is to show that São Paulo is the actual Brazilian League Champion, and the phrase is to say that they have won it three times on a row and six times overall ;)