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Friday, 3 July 2009

Hrvatska & NEC Nijmegen

I've done it again haven't I? Taken a while to post something new that is, I do have my reasons though, been swamped with work recently so not even been able to manage some middle of the day browsing of websites as you do when you get tired the tediousness of work.

Well today I have Croatian kits or more specifically those of the national team. Also I have kits of NEC Nijmegen to show.

First we'll start off with the Croatia kits, I'm sure you all know who they are or you wouldn't of found this page otherwise. It uses the exact same design as I used for Beşiktaş so I don't even need to explain that! My job here just gets easier and easier. Not really mush to explain anyway just red and white checks with a blue and gold trim in places. The away is pretty much typical Croatia too, I did start off trying to make an away Croatia kit with out using blue but I found this really hard to do making it both aesthetically pleasing and also representative of Croatia. So in the end I just reverted back to a blue kit, I'm a coward.

Oh by the way, it has been pointed out to me previously I have used the wrong diacritic above the 'c' in Modrić that'll teach me to write Croatian names without checking first.

Now I got a few complaints about the home kit that it was a bit too much of an eyesore with almost totally checkered design so I came up with this, which is inspired from Lotto's 98 Croatia design which I thought was great being mainly white.

Now time for Nijmegen Eendracht Combinatie or NEC as they're more oftenly called, so by calling them NEC Nijmegen I have made a bit of a fool of myself, oh well shit happens. They have one of the more unique coloured home kits in world football which makes them a prime target for me as I like the uniqueness. The design itself you may recognize if you have looked further back in my blog, as it is actually taken and adapted from the 'Kappa' design. I've kept it pretty traditional to the team, with the red and green halves, I have also continued onto this sleeves, I don't have much of a memory of NEC kits but I think this is unique (have I said that enough already?). On the back of the shirt is the crest of Nijmegen just as a nice uniq... individual feature.


  1. finally i found something made by you outside fsc!

    you are one of the best kitmakers of the world, keep that way...

  2. ahh sorry the 2 coments but you dont want to make a partnership, add here

    i will do the same on my blog

  3. can you answer to the question that i left to you in comments box of my last kit?

  4. Hi there..I came across your blog accidentally and I liked it. I am a football player from Iraq, too bad you dont have it in your list of kits. I have a blog about Iraq's football here:
    I didnt know what was your name and who you are. Now if you want to respont to this comment please do it on my blog so I would know

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