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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Once again...

Sorry for the long time between posts, I recently tranferred a lot of files to my external hard drive including kits I had made but then it stopped working *sigh* so I couldn't get anything for sometime but luckily it is back and operating as normal so I can show you something I have made, quite some time ago now.

To be honest though I've not made a great deal either due to a combination of mental blocks and lack of desire, but I do have stuff I can post up.

The first two teams which I am going to be displaying today are from Eastern Europe, and one of which I have already posted something up on, but didn't go into any detail about the club at all, so I'll do that now shall I?

Korona Kielce, from Kielce funnily enough, that's in Poland and currently compete in the Polish Ekstraklasa. A team I follow to an extent because of a Polish friend of mine, it was my first and only real affiliation with any Polish team so I consider them to be my team there. They have quite a checkered history involving promotion, relegation, corruption, new stadium and even challenging for European places. the team was founded in 1973 from a merger between two teams and since then they have further merged with other teams to become what is recognized as Korona Kielce today. 2002 is pretty much when I first heard about them and funnily enough (yeh quite humorous mood today) they started what wikipedia describes as their golden age began with their rise to the Ekstraklasa from the 3rd division no less. On the back of this success they have had a new stadium constructed and even made a fifth placed finish in the league, two years later however along with Zagłębie Lubin they were relegated to the second division for their part in a corruption scandal. All has worked out now though and are back flying high in Poland.

The kit is in their traditional yellow and red stripes with yellow shorts and yellow socks. I wanted to try something asymmetrical with my design as I had noticed a slight pattern emerging so I mixed it up a little with the kit of low sash you can see, (this will be more apparent on the next team I show you). The collar is inspired a bit from one of Adidas' old 'uns and is supposed to look a little turtle neck like just hugging a little but not constricting the throat. Their are also flicks of black over the shirt as a tertiary colour it is also a colour Kielce regularly use in their designs. The shorts are also asymmetrical but again you will be able to see this more clearly on my next kit.

For the away I have used black as the main colour with yellow as a secondary, black is regularly used as change strip in real life also. With this you can also see the asymmetrical design on the shirt better.

My second team I am covering with this design is Saturn Ramenskoye or now known as FC Saturn Moscow Oblast (Сатурн Московская область) a Russian team who if I am honest i don't know a great deal about so excuse me while I recite a wiki article to you. Based in Ramenskoye / Ра́менское on the far outskirts of Moscow they are nicknamed the Aliens because of the Saturn name, which I don't have the foggiest where it comes from at all. The club have had limited success in their history but have managed, like Kielce, to come from the 3rd division to the first in the space of 5 years and have cemented themselves as a regular in the league, citing a 5th placed finish, again like Kielce, as their best to date. Oh one last thing they also boast a record of fielding the oldest scoring player in the Russian Premier League which was Sergei Natalushko at the age of 39 against Lokomotiv Moscow.

The team are also known for playing in black-blue stripes but I ditched this in favour of predominantly blue with dark blue as the secondary colour. The shoulders are in dark blue as well as the 'sash' across the kit, the sleeves are mainly white just cut of by the dark blue spikes. As I told you before you can see the shorts properly on this kit, giving them almost half each colour and white at the sides. The socks are also an amalgamation of the three colours.

The away strip is a grey and blue number much in the same style as the home just with a few tweaks to where the colour on the template is located.

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