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Thursday, 29 October 2009

FC Midtjylland

Located in the centre of Denmark, Midtjylland (literally central Jutland) are a very recently formed team, having existed for only 10 years they have spent all but one year in the top Danish league they have made some very respectable season finishes including 2 second placed ones and runners up in the Danish cup, but actual honours have are still yet to materialise for them. Some of their star players over the past few years have been Mohammed Zidan who made his name at the team scoring 30 goals in just one season, who due to this actually had his shirt number 14 retired in his honour. Another player who may be familiar to fans of the English leagues and who features on the shirt is former Derby County and West Bromwich Albion defender Martin Albrechtsen.

For the shirt I used the same design as I had previously for Brescia and Tromsø but as Midtjylland only have a short recent history I have thrown in some unusual elements to make it a bit more striking and engaging on the eye. The 'traditional' colours of the team are red and black so I ran with this as to gain a tradition it would need to build up after many years. The teams nickname is 'Ulvene' which is 'The Wolves' in Danish, and if you look closely at the logo you can make out a wolves face too which I though was just some kind of odd wican symbol to start with, so I decide to try something which looks roughly like it has been torn by a wolf's paw so the stripes flow in an unusual way. I have also made the shoulders unsymmetrical to give more of an unusual look to the shirt.

For the away I have opted for a neutral white colour with black and red elements of the home shirt. You can also see the unsymmetrical look of the shoulders in the red a lot better than you could on the home.

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