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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Tromsø & Brescia

Hello again and welcome to another edition of more kits, I'll cut out some of the usual waffle though, but I can't promise that.

Today I am posting up kits I have made for Tromsø I.L. of the Norwegian Tippeligaen and Brescia Calcio of Italian Serie B they use the same new template as the previous Kielce and Saturn kits but a different design, I am however more pleased with how this one turned out. I have returned to a symmetrical design instead and it doesn't look as unusual but I think in comparison this rises above the other by having better elements on the sleeve and a nicer looking collar and pleasant flicks here and there.

Tromsø I.L. are the most northern most premier football team in the world so come as a bit of a novelty to me for this reason. I would like to hear of other team who may be further north who are in lowers leagues though. Tromsø always pose a difficult test in both domestic and European competitions due to a mix of the climate and skill of the players who are used to such conditions. In their '97 Cup Winners' Cup run they managed to defeat Chelsea 3-2 at home in blizzard conditions only to be turned over 7-1 in the return leg and Stamford Bridge. In their 2006 UEFA Cup run they also managed to defeat both Galatasaray and Red Star Belgrade, but still finished bottom in the group stage.

Their kit is traditionally red and white stripes so it was important I didn't play with that too much, the rest of the kit is just something I thought looked good, involving both curves and sharp angles resulting in a bit of a flame look on the sleeve which wasn't on purpose, it just happened like that. The shorts and socks are sort of knock off of Nike designs, the socks are pretty much identical, but the shorts do have their own unique look.

The away throws together the identifiable red and white of the home with a distinguished blue colour, a colour which is pretty regularly used as an away colour by the club, the collar can also be seen a lot better on this than the home, I have given it a quite dynamic sharp look something that was missing quite a bit from the previous designs.

Now on to Brescia, a perennial Italian yo-yo team to say the least. They have bounced all around the Italian league system for their near 100 year history having employed a wealth of talent in that time, probably most famously Roberto Baggio even retiring the number 10 shirt in his honour for a 4 year stint at the end of his career. Currently Brescia are competing in Serie B, the Italian second division and only just missed out by result of promotion playoffs to get back into the top flight football.

These Brescia kits are among some of the favourites I have made, I think they're really classy even though they're quite minimal and the touch of gold from the logo really sets off the kit. I also think it helps that they have a minimalist looking sponsor logo in the shape of the 'Banco di Brescia' logo.

The away, predictably is just a reversal of colours from the home shirt, not much else to say other than that.

Sorry that I waffled.

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