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Thursday, 24 September 2009

I suppose I should post something.

Well as promised I will explain that ghastly last set of kits, just looking at them again now and they aren't pretty are they, not sure what I was attempting but here goes nothing, I'll try and explain it.

It started by just putting a few lines together in photoshop, see if something would work and look right. Once I got that "right" I set about changing the cut of the shirt which was quite stale and sameish in a lot of my previous kits. I also wanted to try a something little different for the collar, well, different for me anyway. So I decided on a fold collar with extra detail I guess you would call it, beneath the collar itself kind of reminiscent of what Real Madrid used on their centenary kits, just a bit more shit though. I also wanted to add in some sort of design feature that would stay with the design along the range of teams I would make with it. For this I decided the hoops I used on Club Africain would be an ideal choice (on the underside of the sleeves only) and I still stand by this decision, even though it has been criticised a bit. This is why there are hoops on the Atlas kits which don't have a tradition of using them.

I did buckle however when I was making these Dinamo Zagreb kits and change the hoops to checkers to fit in with their rich history in Croatia. I chose Dinamo (not to offend them with this shite template) because they are another team which are a bit special to me. I once sneaked into their Maximir Stadium, not when any games were on, but when it was abandoned, it was quite an experience that's for sure, and this Dinamo caravan is an enduring image which is definitely going to stay with me for a long time. Another reason is that the place I was staying in Zagreb was of course ran by Dinamo fans and because I showed an interest in Dinamo they gave me lots of free beer and were very funny people!

Dinamo are of course one of the strongest and most popular teams in Croatia, only rivalled really by Hajduk Split. They have produced a lot of Croatia's most talented players definitely names you'll recognise include Davor Šuker, Zvonimir Boban and a few more modern ones like Luka Modrić, Vedran Ćorluka and Ivica Olić but the biggest legend of all features on the back of the shirt. :-D

My version of the kit contains all the league sponsors which featured on their most recent kit, this is a sad reflection on how much Croatian football needs to advertise to keep its clubs running especially due to their most talented players being poached early by the bigger foreign clubs which in turn means poor performances in European competition, if they had all the players they had produced still with them then they would definitely be consistently making the group stages of the Champions League or the latter stages of the Europa League. I have used silver instead of white as the secondary colour as it just makes a change and Dinamo have used it before while with umbro and it looked pretty good to me.

The away kit is an orange number, simply because they had an orange away kit last season, other than that their is no real reason. Laziness.

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