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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Club Africain (النادي الأفريقي) & FC Atlas

Hi, I've been away recently so no posts, been at Leeds Festival listening to some music and getting extremely drunk, turns out that drinking heavily for 4 days straight is no good for you go figure? and since then I have been quite ill, but luckily it has just been flu and is going now but still feeling a bit worse for wear so this post will be short.

I've made kits for these two teams as I wanted to venture into Africa with my kits and Club African have quite a recognisable look of red and white hoops. I also wanted to make something Mexican and Atlas de Guadalajara are my favourite team from there so was quite obvious for me to make them.

I'll post more about the design in my next post as I need to throw up, too much information?

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