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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

SV Werder Bremen

Today we're going to complete the set of what I started earlier this week and post the rest of what I have done in that poster/presentation style. The team I chose was Werder Bremen of the German Bundesliga as their colour scheme, as corporate the choice of orange is for the team, is one which is pretty unique in terms of football and only Club Atlético Banfield of Argentina have something similar.

With all that talk of orange I decided to totally abandon it in the home kit as it is what most Bremen fans want in their shirt as the campaign on several fan websites to abolish the orange from the shirt. The shirt features a diamond pattern to fit that of the Bremen logo, originally I had the different shade of green in the diamonds as white and was quite pleased with it but upon posting it wasn't greeted as warmly as I thought it might have been so changed it to green. Around the Bremen logo features the dates of the team's four Bundesliga championship victories, the star (which represents three Bundesliga titles each) is located to the left of the logo to be a little different from other teams and also it fits better within the design there than above the logo.

The player is Clemens Fritz.

The away is a bit of a weird concoction but that's usually what Bremen kits are all about aren't they? The main colour of the kit is a dark grey with the shoulders differing between green and orange. This asymmetry continues to the shorts. I personally like it but it was greeted with muted disapproval from other people.

The player is of course Torsten Frings.

Finally, for the third shirt of course it had to be orange. The home features zero, the away about 25% so the third just had to be nearly 100% orange. Their is of course some green to accompany it and white to break it up a wee bit too. For me it is a little too much even though I own an Ivory Coast home shirt with Arouna Koné printing :P

I got a bit bored of changing players so it is Mr. Frings again.

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