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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Dalian Shide (大连实德)

Sorry for neglecting my blog, I've been a little busy the past week with a little project of my own and also other personal matters which have needed to be sorted out. Hope people have still been looking at all the pretty pictures :D

Dalian Shide are the most successful team in China but have never really been considered big players in Asian continental competitions. They have also been known to produce some of China's most well known players such as Sun Jihai (孙继海) and Dong Fangzhou (董芳卓) who have both spent time in Manchester playing for both City and United respectively.

This kit uses the same style as the Akureyri and Burkinabé kits so not many shocks there, but what is different is that the different stripes which did feature on those two previous kits have been made a different colour from the rest of the kit giving a striking striped look to it but also with a clear central part. I thought that this would work better due to the chinese characters being used for the sponsorship logos, giving a busy look but with a purpose and I think it works pretty well. The logo features 8 stars around the logo which represent their 8 Chinese Premier League wins and also forms part of there nickname.

Nothing much to say about the away kit, just pretty much reversal of colours as is most traditional for the club and ditching the stripes down the sides.

(None of the Chinese characters on the shirt are players names, the one at the top on the back is a sponsor and the one below the number is the teams name.)

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